Great First Impressions: The Front Hall

When a guest is greeted at the door, the first place they go within your house is the front hall or foyer. This has to be an area which makes an amazing first impression, introducing them to your personal style. The examples below do this effortlessly and affordably, so draw some inspiration from each.

Flickr by little love blue

When your front hall area is small, pick one spot and put your heart there. That can be through art, antique furniture or living plants, such as in this photograph. The little knick-knack in the middle of the table is truly a personal touch.

Flickr by pippin.barr

It is important that your front hall has plenty of storage for seasonal clothing, shoes and hats. Displaying your coats on hangers thanks to hooks is a great way to dress up your storage. The slim cabinet on the left hides away the items you don’t want to show off.

Flickr by Rog B

If you want a more casual foyer, go for it! A fun light fixture, simple coat hooks and floral drapes make this a kid-friendly area. You don’t have to go overboard with your decor, especially if it makes you uncomfortable. Choose the elements you love as this is a home you have to live in, guests will only be there infrequently. Impress yourself first!

What sort of decor additions do you plan to make in your foyer or front hall? Do you have any tips for making a smaller area more functional? Or for making a larger area seem homey and comfortable?

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