Three Inspirational Bathrooms You Will Fall in Love With

Sometimes our bathrooms become boring and dull, or even outdated, but we have no idea what to do to improve them. These are the times when we must look to other bathrooms which are impressive to gain inspiration and find ideas for our own homes. Check out these three bathrooms which have impressed me and I’m sure will impress you.

Flickr by Natosan

Hidden behind glass, this amazing bathroom has everything you need. The soup bowl-shaped tub is huge, allowing you to soak and get the relaxation you deserve. The simple sink stands brightly against the dark walls and floors. Minimalist, this bathroom is spacious and breathtaking.

Flickr by textlad

Even a small bathroom can look amazing, such as this marble-tiled room. Using a black countertop, cabinets and floor forces the fixtures to stand out and be noticed. The bowl sink is tall as opposed to wide, taking up less space. The custom toilet gives the whole room a look of opulence.

Flickr by camike

This bathroom makes use of every inch and yet seems to be roomy and open. The amazing ceiling really sets the room off, giving it an island feel. The addition of a ceiling fan ensures that moisture isn’t trapped here, keeping it clean and healthy. The massive bathtub with beautiful brass accents make the whole room seem expensive and luxurious.

What ideas do you get from these bathrooms which you can use in your own home? What other ideas have you come up with on your own?