Wonderful Waterfall Counters

When I was redoing my kitchen, I fell in love with waterfall counters. I was envisioning them finishing off my long galley kitchen with flair. What an incredibly beautiful addition, and since I have extra granite from my slab, why not, right?

Then I found out the price. Turns out that it’s extremely expensive to install. There goes that!

So for now I am resigned to simply ogling pictures of waterfall counters, and dreaming about the day I win the lottery.

Check out my favorites!

The flatness of quartz is often the best choice for a waterfall counter. Its uniformity gives it a seamless look:

But you can’t go wrong with a classic natural stone (installed artfully, of course):
(Yes, I know that’s a bathroom, but the onyx is just too gorgeous to not include it. And look at that matching shower wall!)
You can have a waterfall in most typical countertop materials. This one’s stainless steel for a modern, industrial look:
But if you want to go more traditional, choose a warm wood to brighten up the kitchen:
Not wild about wood counters? Here’s another kitchen with the same color combination, just flipped!
Tell us about your favorite counter style!

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  1. good afternoon! i was wondering if by chance you knew the company that did the stainless steel waterfall counter top? I would love to do something like this in my next project! Thanks!

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