Natural Works of Art: Agate in the Home

With all of the natural looking materials available today – faux-marble tiles, wood-look vinyl, porcelain designed to look like a host of pricier substances – it’s getting easier to design a home that looks opulent (if not exactly like “the real thing”). Sometimes, we are so inundated by look-alikes that we’ve forgotten what nature looks like.
One of the rarer natural materials available is agate. The multifaceted semiprecious gemstone is frequently backlit for show-stopping results.

Agate is popular as an accent in bathrooms, kitchens and bars:

It’s also found less frequently in other areas of the home:
Can you believe that these are all natural? It’s incredible.
If you don’t mind going the impostor route, there are lots of more affordable options that are exquisitely similar to the real thing.
These are Fiandre tiles designed to mimic natural agate:
A long, spirited discussion on Houzz (is it tile? is it a massive slab?) ended with the revelation that the “agate” featured in this photo is actually a printed wall panel:
Want the real thing but can’t shell out for it?
Framed agate slices may do it for you:

Or perhaps agate coasters:

Agate Coasters, via Apartment 48
Agate Coasters, via Apartment 48

Or maybe an agate sculpture or lamp!

Arteriors Fergie Agate Slice Sculptures
Arteriors Fergie Agate Slice Sculptures
Arteriors Agate Bronze Iron/Natural Stone Accent Lamp
Arteriors Agate Bronze Iron/Natural Stone Accent Lamp
[Here’a a closer view:] arteriors-dk49943-bronze-ironnatural-stone-accent-lamp-211179Whichever way you slice it (pun fully intended), agate is sure to add a striking natural beauty to any and every home.

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