Valentines Day

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This valentines day reach for the stars- buy your valentine a gift she can’t possibly forget!

Top Valentine gift ideas for 2011

Venetian Gems Corazon Venetian Mirror

The Corazon Mirror designed by Venitian Gems is unique for its charm and beauty. The mirror has the original allure of the 16th and 17th century styles copied from Venice, Italy. The mirror is hand etched, cut, beveled, and polished- an item of rare beauty your valentine won’t forget .

Siro Designs Winged Heart Knob

The Siro Designs Winged Heart Knob is a true heart throbber. The perfect finishing detail for a lovely romantic bathroom this knob is special for its pretty design and underlying message of true love.

Italbrass TanteAnte Love Vanity

For those looking to make a bold statement you needn’t look further then the Italbrass TanteAnte Love Vanity. Daring, modern and gorgeous this vanity says it all.

Anne At Home Heart with Ivy

A second option in knobs for a romantic, yet more traditional bathroom is the Anne At Home Ivy Heart Knob. The Ornately detailed pewter knob is simple and striking at the same time. It will compliment almost any style bathroom gorgeously and will work as a constant reminder of your love for your valentine.

MTI Eros MTI Designer Heart Tub

Romance in its highest form is apparent in the MTI Designer Heart Tub. The huge, heart shaped tub is comfort, luxury and beauty all intertwined into one  incredible whirlpool experience.


Valentines Day Bouquet

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  1. Such great ideas! I am just deciding which 1! She would want all!

  2. These are such good ideas! thanks for the help!

  3. I sent this great post to my boyfriend:)

  4. Brilliant ideas!- I want almost all

  5. The MTI Designer Heart Tub scored me major major points last year. I’m still feeding off them:)

  6. Shawna K

    I love the Corazon Mirror you suggested my husband get me for valentines day. It’s so pretty!

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