The “Fully Loaded” Bathtub

Eago Oval Free Standing Whirlpool Bath Tub The “Fully Loaded” Bathtub

The Eago freestanding oval bathtub includes everything a bathtub possible could- digital stereo sound, incline heater, 22 air jet water hydromassage, chromotherapy and a user friendly touch screen control panel, all united to create a fabulous bathing experience.

Eago Oval Free Standing Whirlpool Bath Tub inside view The “Fully Loaded” Bathtub

The high gloss, scratch resistant tub is ultra smooth keeping it sanitary and simple to clean. There are six different massages to choose from and four levels of intensity- there is even a kids massage! The bathtub was brilliantly designed so that water never remains in the lines of the whirlpool jets or the drain, preventing bacteria, mold, & odor buildup.

Eago Oval Free Standing Whirlpool Bath Tub faucets controls The “Fully Loaded” Bathtub

“Fully Loaded” from design to functionality this tub is a modern sensation!

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