More GORGEOUS bathroom accessories from Nameek’s

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As promised we have bought you back more GORGEOUS bathroom accessories from Nameek’s!

Three more beautiful collections from Nameek’s:

Gedy Diamonds Collection

Nameeks Gedy Diamonds Oval Countertop Soap Dispenser with Crystals

Diamonds soap dispenser

Nameeks Gedy Diamonds Oval Toothbrush Holder with Crystals

Diamonds toothbrush holder

Nameeks Gedy Diamonds Oval Toilet Brush Holder  Crystals

Diamonds toilet brush holder

Nameeks Gedy Diamonds Rectangle Soap Holder with Crystals

Diamonds Soap Holder

Gedy Gladly Resin Collection

Nameeks Gedy Gladly Resin Soap Holder

Gladly Resin Soap Holder

Nameeks Gedy Gladly Round Resin Toothbrush Holder

Gladly Resin Toothbrush Holder

Nameeks Gedy Gladly Resin Toilet Brush Holder

Gladly Resin Toilet Brush Holder

Gedy Iceberg Collection

Nameeks Gedy Iceberg Rectangle Resin Soap Holder

Iceberg Resin Soap Holder

Nameeks Gedy Iceberg Square Resin Soap Dispenser

Iceberg  Resin Soap Dispenser

Nameeks Gedy Iceberg Square Resin Toilet Brush Holder

Iceberg  Resin Toilet Brush Holder

Nameeks Gedy Iceberg Square Resin Toothbrush Holder

Iceberg Resin Toothbrush Holder

More of our Editors pick’s coming…

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  1. klara Kyle

    I’ve used Nameeks accessories for a number of my clients. They have such beautiful stuff. everyone always loves it- a no fail design!

  2. Jillian H.

    I love the diamond set! you inspired me to get it for my guest bathroom!

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