Master Bath Renovations: Before and After Transformations

Sometimes, all your home needs is a little bit of imagination and reinvention to bring new life to old spaces. Whether you need more room, need new bathroom fixtures, want to add value to your home or want to create a whole new mood for your master bathroom, remodels and renovations can be absolutely transformative with the right vision and execution. Check out of some of these dramatic before and after pictures for some ideas to use in your own design project.

From Cramped to Classic

Some bathrooms just aren’t made to be shared. But as your family grows, this can become a major problem. Take a look at this ungainly setup with the toilet right between the shower and the bath tub, which is oddly tucked around the corner. The look here isn’t winning any contests either – planted firmly in the 1980s, this bathroom’s decor is sparing yet far from composed and seamless.

toilet between bathtub and shower before

To remedy the issue, this family created an entirely new master bathroom for the whole family to share. The dual metal sink console makes it easy for two people to brush their teeth or get ready. The recessed wooden bathroom cabinets give a true vintage look rather than the retro hangover from before. All in all, this is a much more functional, much more beautiful bathroom.

toilet between bathtub and shower after

Updated Color

Not all bathroom renovations are as drastic as the above – but the net effect is still stunning.  In this picture, you can see that introducing a new color scheme, and adding a few touch ups can go along way. Here the home owner updated the bathroom lighting and hung a curtain around the bathroom sink, going a long way in revitalizing a dingy, uninspired looking bathroom.

before and after bathrom with little change

Vacation Home Made More Homey

Admittedly, the bathrooms in our vacation homes won’t always match the spaciousness and comfort of our master baths back at home. But sometimes, a poorly designed bathroom can detract from your vacation experience too much. The setup in this mountain retreat is cluttered and fragmented, with too many different spaces competing for function but none of them quite achieving it with ease.

Vacation Home before

In the renovated version, an ample bathroom vanity with integrated storage helps to bring it all together. With two sinks right next to the tub and a bit more space to move around while getting ready, this remodel creates a more spa-like feel rather than impromptu improvisation in the bathroom.

Vacation Home after - Fairmont Dual sink Vanity

Outdated Red to Modern Marvel

Tile works for some, but here, it makes the bathroom look irrelevant and outdated. Much effort has been applied to give this glaringly retro bathroom a touch of life, but it doesn’t quite bridge the gap.

red bathroom before re design

In contrast, this modern reinvention really brings together this space’s strong points. The windows were redone to flow better with the architecture and create a gallery-like area for art while the fixtures add a bit more presence to the bathroom vanity.

red bathroom after re design

From Junk Closet to Victorian Bath

We all have that room in our home that isn’t quite pulling its weight other than to serve as a repository for misfit toys and half-finished projects. This homeowner took the initiative to create something valuable and beautiful for the home: a Victorian master bathroom.before renovation - junk closet

It’s almost hard to believe that this is the same space. Instead of junk dominating the room, a distinguished and elegant freestanding bath tub sets the mood while the lighting gently illuminates the antique decor.after renovation -Victorian Bathroom

Got any great ideas for your own bathroom renovation? If you do, be sure to check out some of our affordable luxury brand bathroom fixtures that will help make your remodeled bathroom beautiful, comfortable and functional.


5 thoughts on “Master Bath Renovations: Before and After Transformations”

  1. Wow ! I love the bathroom pictures where the red tile was transformed into something much fresher and more inviting. The other picture, while ok for some, had too mch of a retro gone bad type of feel. The new look that this room was given looks much more peaceful, more serene, the ideal little getaway from everyday stresses. What I wouldn’t give for the time to enjoy some candles, a little spa music, and a warm bubble bath in this setting. Great job!

  2. amazing pics…. really love these…gives a feel of relief and freshness… doubt its costly but to make your bathroom trip sweet sound…go for it…i like the modern marvel the most…really near my heart..lovely look.

  3. I really like to take a look at before and after pics where congested space has been made much more roomy. I’m not the best at this but I really like where you’re going with this. Your work really is amazing- Thank you for sharing.

  4. All of these photos are beautiful! Being in the plumbing business I really, really like the one with the exposed pipes. All look like high quality work!

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