Zen Inspired Interior

Zen Inspired Home Decor 300x225 Zen Inspired Interior

Zen can be loosely translated to mean “meditation”. A Zen inspired interior is a relaxing, inviting, and healthy home. Creating a home with natural fibers, a nature inspired palette and soothing interiors is what a Zen environment is made of. If you desperately need a place to unburden and reflect at the end of a stressed work day, a Zen inspired home may be just what you are looking for.

Here are a few ideas of ways to add Zen décor to your home

Fuse together the interior and exterior to create an outdoor appeal in your home. Use natural elements such as wood, bamboo and plants to achieve the look and feeling of nature inside. If you have large windows, don’t block the views and imitate the colors of the outdoor view in the room.

Zen Terrace 300x201 Zen Inspired Interior

Zen Inspired Terrace

Natural colors are soothing. The pale blue sky, deep green grass, sandy beach and cool gray rocks are all areas where you should glean inspiration from. They make up a beautiful color palate which can transport your mind and relax your body.

Zen Accessory 300x300 Zen Inspired Interior

Zen Accessory

Zen is all about finding your inner peace. Discover what unwinds you and bring it into your home. Whether it’s a piece of artwork or a luscious plant, incorporate it into your design.

Leonardo Dainelli Bedroom 300x197 Zen Inspired Interior

Leonardo Dainelli Zen Bedroom

Your Zen inspired home will give you reason to slow down and breathe in the atmosphere surrounding you. Try these “Zen tips” to create a home that nurtures your inner peace.

Zen Bathroom1 300x225 Zen Inspired Interior

Zen Bathroom

Enjoy Zen Inspired Living!

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