What to Think About when Hiring an Interior Decorator

Hiring a decorator for your home can be one of the more significant relationships you will establish in your life. Besides for being a huge expense the burden of making your house a home that you absolutely love lays on the shoulders of this individual. Don’t take the selection process lightly. Much like you would screen a marriage partner to make sure he/she fits your profile do the same to your decorator.

Interior Decorator Decisions

Three things to take into consideration:

Personality, Money, Personal Preferences:  Aren’t these three from the major things that make or break a marriage? Well this is what will make your relationship with your decorator work or flop.

DecoratingPersonality: For the next while you will be shopping, conferring and in general spending a lot of time with your decorator. You will have to trust her with big purchases and decisions and she may even be the go between you and all the others involved in your new home. If her personality rubs you the wrong way- oh no! You are in for a long haul!

Money: this one is really important. Make sure your decorator is on the same page as you financially. Let her know what your budget is and on what purchases and areas you want to spend more and what is not that important for you.  If you planned your entire bathroom around a stunning designer vanity you’ve been dreaming about forever and you want to put most of the money allotted for the bathroom into that you must make your decorator aware of that before she has all the lighting, tiles, and accessories picked out. You also need to be careful that she is not on a totally different level than you and that she understands you need to keep to your budget. It’s the decorator’s job to make sure your home is beautiful, all the while sticking to the financial plan you agreed on.


Personal preferences: What could be worse than a decorator who has completely different taste than you? It’s fabulous if you love her personality and she can keep  your budget down to the last penny, but if you hate the work she does its all kind of worthless. So, before choosing who will be the one to assist you in creating your dream home check out other projects they have done and let them know what you like.

Follow this guideline to choosing your interior decorator and you will have a great time decorating the home of your dreams. Remember: Personality, Money, Personal Preferences- It will make all the difference!


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  1. Interesting article. I guess its more than just staying within your budget – taste is important too.

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