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Versace Home

My newest decor obsession is Versace’s Home Collection and Interior Design. The Versace design team takes contemporary/modern design and blends it with interesting shapes and materials, and eclectic pieces of art and furniture, to create the special style that embodies Versace Home. All of that is emphasized by Versace’s unique component, the Greek fret. The motif was drawn from the world of classical references and redefined into a modern symbol, the basis of Versace’s design approach. You will notice the key appearing again and again throughout their decor.

Versace Home Inspirational Gallery

Damac Towers- Beirut- Dining- Versace Home Design

Versace Home interiors

The Milano Residences- Spa

Versace Home-2009-Catalogue

The Milano Residences- Manila- Poolside- Versace Home

The Milano Residences- Manila- Library- Versace Home Design

Plaza Hotel- Versace Home Design- Living Room

Hotel Plaza-Versace Home Interior Design

Hotel Plaza- Versace-Interior

Damac Towers- Beirut- Versace- Home


Do you find their design as intriguing as I do?

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  3. I have just view an AMAZING boutique in Sydney selling all the VERSACE HOME COLLECTIONS
    They sell all the bathroom accessories and bathroom tile collections !!
    check out the website

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