Tiger Woods New Home

Tiger Woods is about to move into the most amazing home Jupiter Island has yet to see. And that is saying a lot as the island has the highest per capita income per household of anywhere in the USA, housing some of the richest most famous people in the world including Celine Dion and Stephen Bisciotti. Tiger is being really secretive of his new place and taking extreme precautions that it stays that way. Besides for planting trees around the entire property to shield it from the eyes of the public he made every worker that was involved in the project sign a confidentiality agreement not to discuss anything  pertaining to his home and even asked Google Earth to remove it from their maps.

Despite all, a few images of the home’s exterior have been discovered and some inside information is known. The home is well equipped for all Tiger’s training with a 4-hole golf course, a running track, tennis court, gym and pools. It also has a wine cellar, media room and game room for entertainment. The home, sandwiched between two bodies of water, is the perfect place for Tiger to dock his $25 million yacht.

Tiger Wood’s Home
Tiger Woods Jupiter Florida
Tiger Woods Home- Jupiter Florida
Tiger Woods Golf course
Four Hole Golf course
Tiger Woods Yacht
Tiger Woods Yacht
Tiger Woods Pool

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