Smallest & Biggest Houses in the World

Biggest and smallest:

The Smallest house in the world:

Smallest House in the World- Jay Shafer

The smallest house in the world, Tumbleweed,  is owned by Jay Schafer, an artist and architect, who resides in the tiny home near San Francisco. Jay has been living in the 96 square-foot home since 1997. His desire for such a compact home arose from a childhood dream and his concern over the impact large homes have on the environment. The home is fully equipped and functional with a kitchen, bath, loft, desk, fireplace and a large amount of storage space. It’s wired for electricity and can also be powered by a standard plug-in or by a solar electric system. Since building his home Jay has been designing a serious of small homes for other ranging from 50 to 500 square-feet.

Smallest House in the World-Kitchen

Inside Smallest house in the world

The biggest house in the world:

Windsor Castle- Queen Elizabeth

On the other end of the spectrum the largest house in the world is owned, expectedly, by royalty. Windsor Castle is the residence of Queen Elizabeth II since 1952. The home, located in Berkshire, England, consists of 13 acres of land, 1000 rooms and totals 484,000 square feet.

Inside Windsor Castle- Queen Elizabeth


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  1. i read about the smallest house in the world a while ago but it’s really cute to pair it up with the biggest:)

  2. Please this is just an attempt for attention. No one can survive in a house that small.

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