Cairo Architecture

View of the Nile and Geziera

No city on earth has as much architectural diversity as Cairo, there is modern, Islamic, European, and unique modern Egyptian Architecture.

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Cairo tower:

Cairo Tower

Cairo tower is one of Cairo’s most famous and well-known landmarks standing at 614 ft. The tower’s partially open lattice-work design is intended to call to mind a pharaonic lotus plant, the iconic symbol of Ancient Egypt.

Cairo University:

Cairo University

Cairo University was founded as a European-inspired civil university on December 21, 1908, as the result of an effort to establish a national center for educational thought.

Downtown Cairo:

Downtown Cairo

Downtown Cairo features Colonial style architecture. In the center of this square is the statue of Talaat Pasha Harb, the father of the modern Egyptian economy.

Ibn Tulun Mosque:

Ibn Tulun Mosque

The Ibn Tulun Mosque is an exceptional architectural expression of the cultural supremacy of Samarra, Ahmad Ibn Tulun, founder of the Tulunid dynasties, home. It is built entirely of well-fired red brick faced in carved stucco. It has ziyadas and a roof supported by arcades on piers.

Ramses Street:

Ramses Street, Cairo Egypt

Ramses Street, built in the mid-1800’s, is one of Cairo’s main arteries. Today it functions as a point of intersection between different modes of transportation in the city. Elevated roads that snake through the square date back to the 1970’s. With 280,000 pedestrians and 2 million vehicles passing through it every eight hours, the square is rumored to be one of the most polluted spots in all of Egypt. The city is now offering $100,000 for the best redesign solution to fix the immense traffic and pollution issues.

Stone Towers:

Stone Towers, Cairo Egypt

Stone Towers, a 525,000sqm office and retail complex, was inspired by the patterns and textures of ancient Egyptian stonework. The project is currently in the building process by Zaha Hadid Architects. The north and south facades of each tower will be covered with recesses and protrusions emphasizing the effects of light and shadow on the surfaces.

Streets of Islamic Cairo:

The streets of Islamic Cairo

The streets of Islamic Cairo, adorned by Islamic architecture, are narrower and older than those in the city center.

The Nile:

View of Nile from Cairo Tower

Cairo’s focal point is The Nile. The Nile is adjacent to the European-inspired districts near the city’s center.

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  1. Cairo is the capital of diverse architecture. the pictures in this article combine every style beautifully. It’s incredible to have such a vast array of styles in a single city.

  2. Cairo is a wonderful place to visit. Hard to get to these days but I was there years ago & it was gorgeous then.

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