A Gimpse at Venetian Gothic Architecture

Venetian Gothic architecture is a term we don’t often hear on the East Coast. But, if any of you are planning to travel to Italy this summer you will come across it again and again, most probably on every tour. While you probably won’t use this design style in decorating your home it’s still fun to learn about new things. Venetian Gothic is the term that was given to the design style of 14th century Venice, a combination of the Gothic lancet arch with Moorish and Byzantine influences. The  14th century Gothic Period in Venice was at a point of great affluence. The rich of the city funded the construction of magnificent building for the public and private homes for themselves.

Doge's Palace- Icon of Venetian Gothic Architecture

The Venetian Gothic style is unique for its desire of lightness and grace in structure. The city’s love of ornate décor was what kept this architectural style popular for many years. It lasted throughout the 14th and 15th centuries and was revived once again in the 19th century. The style emerged at different points in countries across the world like England, Australia and even North America. While traveling through Italy, especially in Venice, you will see Venetian Gothic architecture all over. It has lasted through the century and stands out for its distinct, elaborate beauty.

Venetian Gothic Style in England- Elephant Tea Rooms

The icons of Venetian Gothic in Venice are Doge’s Palace and Santa Maria dei Frari. If you’re visiting you must check out these luxuriously decorated buildings. You will notice traits of Renaissance, Moorish and Gothic architecture throughout, which is what defines Venetian Gothic.

Venetian Gothic Style in NYC- Montauk Club

Other famous buildings, outside of Venice, designed in Venetian Gothic are the Elephant Tea Rooms in England, the Montauk Club in NYC and the former stock exchange of Melbourne. Enjoy looking at these glorious structures. Once you begin checking out Venetian Gothic architecture it’s hard to stop, it’s just too beautiful!

Venetian Gothic Style in Australia- Former Stock Exchange of Melbourne

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