I found this image on the question forum. The question asked was “What faucet brand is that?”.  The question had been posted over 16 hours before and apparently no one knew the answer.

So I took the initiative and sent the link to two of our sales people here at Quality Bath. Allegedly we have the most knowledgeable sales staff in the industry, so I figured I would test them out a little and see if they were worthy their reputation.

I have to admit I was impressed!!! Within two minutes both Naomi and Mimi responded that the faucet is part of the Artos Safire Collection and the volume control is from the Artos Kascade Collection. That is what I call knowledge!

View these two items here:

Artos Safire Tub Filler

Artos Safire In Wall Tub Spout

Artos Kascade Volume Control

Artos Kascade Volume Control