Wrought Iron Bathroom Vanities

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People are always in awe over the exquisite beauty seen in hand forged wrought iron bathroom vanities. They’re astounded at the blacksmiths capability to take hard, lifeless iron and turn it into warm, beautifully crafted organic shapes that reflect the beauty of nature.

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The Decotec Aspen

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Decotec has gained a global reputation, combining creativity and constant development with the latest trends and unsurpassed production.

Express your personality through the beautiful Aspen Collection!

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DuraVit Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

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Celebrating almost 200 years of bathroom history Duravit has grown from a small earthenware factory into a global organization that produces bath and spa products for dream bathrooms.
Duravit creates some of the world’s most contemporary and attractive vanities. Modern designers love their products for their minimalist style and ultra functionality.

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The New Songe Vanity Set From Sonia

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The trend toward cleaner, smoother lines in the bath is reflected in the spotless appearance of the new Sonia Songe Vanity set. The sleek, four piece collection was designed to be flexible and adaptable so that you can mix and match for the combination you’ve dreamed of. You can select the counter top and vanity body in contrasting colors, or in the same color for an all over dramatic impact.

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Contemporary Collection

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Today’s most popular style in design is contemporary. This does not translate into stark, cold and sterile. Long gone are the days of boxy furniture and eccentric decorating. Today’s updated contemporary look is a blend of comfortable, livable elements that create a sophisticated, fresh feel.

Here are some chic bathroom vanities to help you achieve the contemporary look in your home.

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Top 10 Bathroom Vanities

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Bathroom vanities come in many shapes, styles, and colors. Some vanities are meant to provide ample room for your sundries, toiletries, makeup and other items, while others are contemporary and sleek. You’ll find that bathroom vanities are also made from a wide variety of materials including wood, stone, and steel. There’s a nearly infinite number of selections when it comes to bathroom vanities, each one specifically designed to fit your particular needs and match your bathroom decor.

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Tickle Your Antiquity With These 5 Antique Vanities

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Looking for something that is rustic, elegant or antique styled to replace that vanity in the bathroom and that can be useful at the same time? Consider tickling your desires for antiquity by using an antique vanity instead. Antique vanities serve the same purpose as any modern day vanity, but with more class and style than modern-day vanities do. Below are five different examples of antique bathroom vanities to check out.

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