What’s Really in the Bathroom Vanities and Bathroom Cabinets of Celebrities?

Celebrity Bathroom Vanities

In a world of instant information and ruthless Paparazzi, almost no celebrity can experience total privacy. Pretty much the only place they can catch a few moments of solitude is in front of their Bathroom Vanities. So, here we’ll speculate, based on research and a bit of “guesstimation,”  what your favorite celebrities may have in their Bathroom Vanities and Bathroom Cabinets.

Brad Pitt: This gorgeous, famous actor and father of six children must have some beauty secrets.  If we were to guess, chances are he has a good stockpile of aspirin in his Bathroom Cabinet, to get rid of the headaches caused by the Paparazzi, plus six screaming kids. Chances are, he’s also got a few bottles of wrinkle cream to keep that youthful smile.

Brittany Spears: This darling of the Paparazzi is sure to stock her Bathroom Vanities with several pairs of contact lenses. Its known that she has an eyeglass prescription, but what diva wants to be seen in spectacles, when she can don a pair of contact lenses instead?

Michael Jackson: Lame plastic surgery jokes aside, chances are the King of Pop has his Bathroom Cabinet filled with medicine for his rare skin disease. No, he’s not purposely “making himself lighter,” he suffers from vitiligo, a condition that causes pale blotches on the skin. He uses medicines to conceal this disease, as well as create an even, more natural skin-tone.

Joan Rivers: Now is the time for lame plastic surgery jokes. This plastic-diva has made a recent career with self-deprecating jokes about her time under the knife.  So, with all of these updates to her body, chances are Joan Rivers has a good supply of ingestible pain killers, topical hydrators and even topical pain killers. After all, you can’t look like a “million bucks” if you don’t spend a million.