Tan While You Shower

The winter is upon us and it’s time to start worrying about pasty, wintery skin. Tanning booths or spray tans? You need to drag yourself out of the house regularly and may acquire the dreaded orange-y fake tan that you can spot from a mile away. Tanning lotions often result in “streaky Oompa-Loompa” rather than “healthy suntanned glow.” A vacation to the Bahamas sounds good, but unless you plan to go every two weeks, that tan will be gone before the winter solstice.

So if you prefer not to wear winter white this year, check out one of the latest innovations in sunless tanning: the ProSun SunShower!

That’s right. You can tan while you shower. IN YOUR SHOWER. How cool is that?



The SunShower is a slim yet miraculous unit installed professionally by a licensed electrician. It looks like a slightly unusual shower panel when it’s not in use:

prosun prosun sunshower tan while you shower 136302 Tan in the Shower!

But when you turn it on…

prosun prosun sunshower tan while you shower 217966 Tan in the Shower!

…it transforms your shower into your own personal tanning salon!

The panel’s five 400W tanning lamps are independently operated; choose which ones you want to customize your tanning experience. If you wish, you may replace the top lamp with an optional LED panel for skin rejuvenating phototherapy, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and enlarged pores.

The SunShower features a time exposure schedule to show users of all different skin types how to tailor-fit their tans. Bonus: your tan will build up gradually so that you don’t go from lily-white to end-of-summer-bronze overnight!

Via badtan.com
Via badtans.com

As many of us know from experience, skin tans more easily when it’s wet. By combining the tanning elements with a shower, you will achieve a uniform tan quickly and naturally. And unlike tanning at the beach or pool, you don’t have to move when it gets shady, wash off sunscreen when you’re done, or deal with funky tan lines.

The SunShower is safe and provides numerous health benefits. A double UV filter protects your skin from harmful rays and you’ll never get a sunburn in the shower – just a beautiful golden tan. Exposure to the UV light will help you get your daily dose of vitamin D even in the dreariest of places, and who doesn’t feel happier on a sunny day?

So give up the tanning lotion, forgo the tanning beds, and save your vacation money. ProSun’s amazingly innovative SunShower promises to keep you looking and feeling cheerier and healthier throughout the long, dark winter months.


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  1. Tan Shower! Nice idea. But I think it will be very expensive. Also a lot energy will be consumed, I think!

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