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Setting Up Your Picnic

There is nothing as romantic, special and thrilling as an outdoor summer picnic. With the sun shining on your faces and a succulent slice of watermelon dripping down your fingers, its heaven on earth. So even though it’s still raining out I want to begin planning.

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Design Inspiration


I try to fill my home with things that remind me flowers and gorgeous weather so that I can have a bit of that summer sunshine in my life the whole year. I know its a little to late to share them with you- but hey, its never to early to start preparing for next year. And you’ll enjoy these great finds all year long.

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Product Trends

Charming Country Style For Your Summer Retreat

Your summer country home is a haven of respite from the heat of summer and cramped city lifestyle. Adorn your most personal space, your summer home bathroom, with these old American country period style vanity pieces sure to evoke a serene atmosphere of country charm and rustic relaxation.

In this post we preview 4 vanities that are sure to add that country touch to your bathroom.

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