Spotlight on Jacuzzi Luxury Tubs

We all dream of coming home and taking a long, hot, ultra-relaxing bath to soak away the tension and stress of the day. For many of us, unfortunately, this dream often remains a dream for longer than we’d care to think about. Such luxury is for a certain elite class of people and is most often seen on TV… isn’t it?

Not anymore! Today’s luxurious tubs are more attainable, more accessible, and more affordable than ever. Jacuzzi’s line of luxury tubs provide the spa experience that so many of us yearn for at prices that we can afford and in configurations to fit virtually every bathroom. Here are the models that are on my wishlist for when we buy a house (click on any image or link to see more details):

Jacuzzi Real Salon Spa

Jacuzzi Real Salon Spa

This one is my favorite single-person bath. I love its unusual hourglass shape, integrated armrests, and 72″ length (I currently have to contort myself to fit a good portion of my [tall] body into my standard-size bathtub). The Real is a Salon Spa bath, which means that it combines deep-massaging whirlpool jets (which use both water and air) with gentle, effervescent Pure Air® jets (which use air only), allowing you to choose your relaxation experience based on your particular mood. It also features customizable lighting for a truly spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. I’m relaxing just looking at it!


Jacuzzi Fuzion Two-Person Tubs

For a romantic shared aqua-therapy session with your significant other, this double tub is a top-of-the-line (and top-of-my-list) pick.

Jacuzzi Fuzion Two-Person Combo Bath

The almost double-wide tub (60″ wide, as opposed to the standard 36″) comfortably accommodates two. Its individual jets, neck massaging waterfalls, and pillows give each lucky user his or her own space (no sharing necessary!) while basking in the luxury of the massage. My favorite features: the optional wooden deck, sophisticated chromatherapy lighting system, and the setup – I like the fact that you face each other rather than sitting side-by-side. It’s available with whirlpool, Pure Air®, or combination jets to fit every person’s preferences.

Here’s what it looks like from the top:

Jacuzzi Fuzion Two-Person Bath

The Fuzion is also available in single-person configurations for those of us who value alone time:

Jacuzzi Fuzion Whirlpool Bath

The single-person also comes in whirlpool, air, and Salon Spa (combination) setups.

If you want a corner tub, don’t worry – there’s a (two-person) Fuzion for you too!

Jacuzzi Fuzion Corner Salon Spa

And once again, choose from whirlpool, Pure Air®, or Salon Spa. Jacuzzi just wants you to be happy with your new tub!


Jacuzzi Finestra Walk-In Tubs

Would you love a Jacuzzi tub but have limited mobility due to arthritis, injury, or age? With the Finestra tub, you can have it and use it too!

Jacuzzi Finestra Walk-In Soaker Tub

The Finestra is not only functional, safe, and accessible (with grab bars, an integrated seat, and a walk-in door), it’s truly luxurious. Don’t let mobility limitations take away a soothing, therapeutic experience; choose a Finestra to meet your needs and wants. It’s available with two seat heights (14″ or 17″) and four configuration options – whirlpool, air, air/whirlpool combination, or soaker – and with all luxury Jacuzzi add-ons (neck pillow, lighting system, and a range of color and style options).

Whatever your needs, tastes, and desires, you’re sure to find a Jacuzzi tub (or two, or three) that you love! Which one’s your favorite?