High-Tech Electronic Faucets for the Kitchen

For all Back to the Future II fans, 2015 has been mighty disappointing. They may have gotten the Skype calls and virtual reality headsets right, but where are the hoverboards? the flying cars? the odd (and self-drying) fashion trends? There are some parts of your home, however, that can fit right in with the 1989 portrayal of today. One way to get your house up-to-date: install a futuristic electronic faucet in your kitchen.

Electronic faucets are designed to make dishwashing, handwashing, and food preparation easier and more convenient with various high-tech features.

The I-Spray by Aquabrass is not just sleek and professional-looking, it’s technologically advanced. Both temperature and volume control are conveniently situated right on the spray head in an integrated soft-touch control pad with LED temperature indicator.

Aquabrass I-Spray Dual Stream Electronic Kitchen Faucet

Grohe’s Minta® Touch faucet reacts intuitively to touch. Users make contact with any portion of the sink using the back of the hand, wrist, or arm to turn it on and off. Temperature and flow are controlled by the lever; when operated by touch, it dispenses cold water only to prevent scalding and the water turns off automatically after 60 seconds. The faucet stays clean and free of germs.

Grohe Minta Touch Single Lever Electronic Faucet

High-end manufacturer Dornbracht takes the touch-control feature a step further. Their eUnit Kitchen includes a foot sensor for completely hands-free use and intuitive controls for precise temperature and volume control. The built-in memory function conserves water and stores settings in between kitchen tasks; the smart measurement function dispenses water in cups or quarts. It’s highly customizable and user-friendly with an electronic drain and simple controls – no touch screen to ease operation with wet hands.

KWC‘s line of electronic faucets feature touch light PRO technology, an innovative electronic controller that allows users to preset three temperatures and operate the faucet by touching it with any part of one’s body: one touch for the preset cold temperature, two touches for warm, and three touches for hot. The faucet includes one hardwired control that may be installed on any nearby surface and – get this – an optional wireless control for remote use.

It’s a remote controlled faucet. How cool is that? The second control is magnetic, so it can be attached to virtually anything, enhancing use for children and people with disabilities. (Though leaving it in reach of children is probably just begging for trouble.) The touch feature and accompanying colored LED temperature indicator on the control (it turns blue for cold, orange for warm, and red for hot) makes it safe for users of all ages and abilities, minimizing the risk of scalding.

KWC Ono Kitchen Faucet with LED Technology

Newform’s electronic faucets can also be controlled remotely. Their easy-touch control pad can be deck mounted or wall mounted in any convenient place and is compatible with any bath or kitchen faucet with an electronic mixing valve.

Newform Control Pad for Electronic Mixing Valve
Newform Control Pad for Electronic Mixing Valve


Newform Morpho Kitchen Set with Swivel Spout & Electronic Control Pad
Newform X-Touch Kitchen Set with Pull-Out Handspray and Electronic Control Pad

Is your kitchen ready for the future?