Use Your Hallway as Storage Space

No storage? It’s the bane of my existence. Unless you live in a massive home (or don’t have a lot of stuff), chances are you have or will run out of space to keep your possessions. If your closets, furniture, basement, garage, shed, and/or attic are filled to the brim, make your hallway – often regarded as wasted but necessary space – work for you!

Check out these clever storage solutions in hallways and niches throughout homes.

I currently have plans to build bookshelves into the pseudo-hallway that stares emptily at me from between two bedrooms:

If only I had room for a cool oversized porthole window like that one!
And if I had the space, I’d definitely add a bench. Look at this great little reading nook:
Hallway niche? Why not turn it into a great office space/studio?
Rather than putting a decorative console table and mirror in your entryway or mudroom, make it fully functional:
It’ll keep your house organized.
Finally, my dream house would definitely have at least one of these:
Hallway bookshelves and a hidden room! What could be cooler than that?!
I so want a secret panel right now.
Tell us how you utilize every inch of space in your home!

2 thoughts on “Use Your Hallway as Storage Space”

  1. I also think that shelves are the best method to save space but I have not yet installed any shelves now after seeing all these images, I am falling in love with your ideas. All these tips and tricks are very helpful. This winter season I am planning to install some shelves and cabinets. Thanks for giving me such inspiration.

  2. I love how everything has a place! My closet is next on my list How big is your closet ?
    closet organizing

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