How to Conceal (or Highlight) a Light Switch or Outlet

Unless (or sometimes even if) you’re building a home from scratch, chances are you have some unsightly outlets, light switches, or control panels that mess with the flow of your decor. It can be so frustrating to choose the perfect backsplash or wall treatment only to have it interrupted by a small but necessary (and noticeable) blemish.

Fortunately, there are several ways to make those interruptions disappear or blend better than you’d think possible! With a bit of clever decorating, your outlets and light switches can complement rather than detract from your decor.

The most obvious solution is painting or papering the covers to match the wall, or buying plate covers in the right shade:

Kitchen by Michael Knowles, Architect
Powder Room by Molly McGinness Interior Design
Bathroom by Hann Builders
If you’re reaaaallllly dedicated (or have a great faux painter), you can even camouflage it in your tile pattern!
Kitchen by Exquisite Kitchen Design
If your tile is simpler than that, try turning the outlet horizontally to blend in:
Bathroom by Smith & Vansant Architects PC
Try a flush-mount outlet, which is less obtrusive than the standard type (and also more expensive, but not outrageously so):
Home Improvement by TRUFIG
Tuck outlets and switches into drawers, cabinets, niches, under cabinets, or even into the counter itself:


Kitchen by Bud Dietrich, AIA
Bathroom by J Maness Designs
Kitchen by LGB Interiors
Kitchen by Showplace Wood Products
Kitchen by Harrell Remodeling
Kitchen by LeichtUSA
Alternatively, you can feature the outlets and switches as a design statement instead of trying to hide them. Group them together for a cleaner appearance with less valuable wall real estate:
Bathroom by FORMA Design
Choose a cover that complements the decor but doesn’t blend in:
Kitchen by Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs
Or have fun choosing something that screams “notice me!”
Nest Thermostat
Hobbit Door Outlet Cover
Monster Light Switch Decal
Star Wars Light Switch Plate
Rainbow Light Switch Cover
Lego Light Switch Cover
 Would you rather conceal them or show them off?