Get Ready for Winter with Awesome Firewood Storage

The thermometer may say summer, but the calendar shows that winter is creeping up. Don’t be caught off guard! Get your home ready for the winter so you’re not scrambling – or, worse, unprotected – when the weather finally catches up with the date. One biggie for homes with a fireplace or wood-burning furnace: firewood storage.

Does your firewood reside in a sad little pile with a tarp thrown over it to keep it dry? Or stacked up haphazardly in the garage, where it gathers dust and flips over every time someone bumps into it?

It’s hard to find nice pieces for firewood storage, but with a little creativity you can store your firewood in a way that’s not only practical but actually beautiful. Artfully arranged firewood can serve as a design element or even a focal point when done right.

So how do you do it right?

Here’s how:

The most obvious place for firewood storage is next to or near the fireplace, typically in the living room or bedroom, but found in the dining room, kitchen, or bathroom too. Dedicate a niche to keep your home warm, cozy, and stylish all winter long.

Living Room by Clarkson Potter
Family Room by d’apostrophe design, inc.
Dining Room by Culligan Abraham Architecture
Family Room by Capoferro Design Build Group
Living Room by Llama Group
Dining Room by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design
Living Room by Mihaly Slocombe
Living Room by Lincthelen Design
Living Room by Emerick Architects
Bedroom by Woodworks Custom Developments Ltd
Bathroom by Kara DiOrio
Furniture by James Franklin Furniture (Made in England)
Dining Room by Crown Point Cabinetry
Kitchen by Archifaktur Lennestadt

Though it’s convenient to put the firewood next to the fireplace, it’s not a must – especially if you’re working with an existing fireplace.

Living Room by Blakes London
Photo by Andrew Snow Photography
If you do choose to keep firewood outdoors (a good idea when you have a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, or no room inside), be sure it’s well-protected from the elements.
Exterior by RHEINZINK
Entry by NZ Builders Ltd
Exterior by Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design
Exterior by Archifaktur Lennestadt
Patio by the construction zone, ltd.
Deck by Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes

Where do you keep your firewood?


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