Feel Like a Kid Again with an Indoor Slide

Practically anyone who’s lived in a home with more than one story remembers Mom chiding them not to slide down the banister. Remember that irresistible pull of the railing, the thrill and exhilaration of the slide down? (And the inevitable mishaps and scoldings that followed?) Well, some adults loved that experience so much they’ve never outgrown it, outfitting their homes with fabulous indoor slides.

Not just kiddie slides or pool slides. Oh, no. We’re talking about full-fledged slides that traverse entire homes, slides that are a means to get from point A to point B, slides that can completely replace stairs in the home.

Discussing an indoor slide is the only time it’s acceptable to reference your “inner child.”

Check these out, and prepare to be jealous.

Via Pinterest.com

Remember the old metal playground slides? Here’s one, without the second-degree burns. And with a pile of pillows at the bottom for fort-building. Awesome!

Staircase by Inertia Corporation

Wouldn’t a carpeted slide result in a lot of uncomfortable carpet burns? Ouch.

Via ArchitectureArtDesign

Space saver!

Via ArchitectureArtDesign

Brilliant – a slide that doesn’t even take up much indoor space.

Staircase by RAHokanson Photography

Two words: tunnel slide. ‘Nuff said.

Playroom by Allen-Guerra Architecture

This cheery playground classic goes straight from the kids’ playroom to the basement.

Playroom by Erika Winters® Design

Make that landing do double duty!

Slide by Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects

It’s simple and straightforward, but hey, it’s an indoor slide. Who could turn that down?

Photo via John Hill

That one doubles as a cool modern art sculpture.

Living Room by Joyce Elizabeth

This indoor slide makes an unexpected but oh-so-awesome addition to a sleekly modern loft in the big city.

Staircase by bulthaup by Kitchen Architecture

And this one’s so unobtrusive you may not even notice that it’s a slide!

If you’re lucky enough to get one, make sure your slide has a great entrance point:

Hall by Cameo Homes Inc.
Via Houzz.com


Laundry Room by Ashton Woods
By Kuhl Design Build LLC

Or if your budget or existing home doesn’t allow for it, put in a slide on a smaller scale for the kids in the house: bunk beds or loft beds (or full lofts) with a slide. It’s safer than a ladder! no architectural concerns! cheaper than a big slide! (Those will be your kids’ arguments, and they’ll be right.)

Bedroom by Asmar Interiors
Bedroom by Raad Studio
Bedroom by Cynthia Prizant – Prizant Design, LLC
Photo by Karl Neumann Photography

Do you think that the kids in these houses get yelled at when they take the stairs?