Innovative Uses for Your Backyard Shed

Ah, the backyard shed. It’s a necessity, but not a beauty; a place for lawn equipment and bicycles and whatever else doesn’t fit in your garage. It’s a purely functional storage space… isn’t it?

Here’s the awesome part: it doesn’t have to be. Functional, yes. Ugly? Absolutely not. A gathering of sad-looking cast-offs? No way!

If your shed is not living up to its potential, it’s time to revamp it. The backyard shed has unlimited potential for creative uses, additional space, and, yes, loads of storage. Here are some ideas to help you reinvent that shed that’s sitting vacant (or cluttered with junk) in your backyard:

Add that room you’ve always wanted.

No room in your house for your dream add-on? In the right climate (or with the right weatherproofing), your shed can become a freestanding “addition” to your home. Add that man cave (or its outdoor female counterpart, the “she shed”), an exercise room, guest room, spa, sitting room, or music room. It’s generally less expensive (and requires fewer permits) than adding to your home (factor in plumbing or HVAC if applicable).

Shed by Castle Construction
Shed by Backyard Room
Shed by Sandy Foster
Shed by Shannon Malone
Landscape by Park Associati
Shed by Garden Tech Horticultural Services LLC
Store smarter.

Even if you just want to use your shed for storage, you can make it work harder and smarter for you. Organize it like any other (indoor) space; add compartments for trash cans or firewood.

Shed by Wyndhamdesign
Shed by Backyard Buildings
Shed by Classic Colonial Homes, Inc.
Have fun.

Create a retreat for the kids (or the adults!). Turn your shed into a playhouse, a secluded homework spot, a teen hangout, or an adult hangout.

Shed by Onduline North America, Inc.
Shed by Lobalzo Design Associates, Ltd
Shed by studio3 architekten
Photo by Edmunds Studios Photography, Inc.
Pursue your dreams.

Set up your workspace – a studio or office (a shed office even has a name: the “shoffice”) – outdoors for inspiration and peace while you work.

Shed by Wyndhamdesign
tetra shed®
Patio by Chris Snook
Shed by JML Garden Rooms
Get outside.

Take advantage of the great outdoors; turn your shed into an open-air living space (consider adding a mini patio to keep your storage space intact).

Shed by Fairfield House & Garden
Shed by Havearkitekt Pernille Danielsen
Shed by Kayoko Nagahama Garden Design & Construction
Go green.

Use the outdoor space the way it was intended to be used: create a greenhouse shed or potting shed, or top your shed with a living roof.

Photo via
Shed by Colleen Brett
Shed by Backyard Buildings
Shed by Garden Tech Horticultural Services LLC

Now get outside and start creating!