Color of the Month: Decorating with Mint Green

Looking for the ultimate spring color? As bare branches give way to blossoms in every color of the rainbow and multi-hued leaves, the choices are practically endless. One color that may not be showing up in full force outside but still whispers “spring”: mint green.

No, not necessarily the mint green found in vintage mint-tiled bathrooms (*shudder*):

Bathroom by Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design
Though you can work with that… case in point:
Vintage bath, via
But rather a fresh, springy, clean and cool shade that just makes you want to go outside and smell the roses. Mint green is a versatile shade, pairing well with white and with other spring colors as well as bright colors like orange and yellow.
Like any color, mint green can go wrong fast. Too much of it or the wrong shade can come off as sickly and antiseptic (mouthwash, anyone? or operating suite?)

When done right, though, it can be gorgeous – either as a main color or an accent.

Mint bathrooms can, in fact, be up-to-date:

Bathroom by RemodelWest
Aquatic Luxeair 9 Combo Tub
Italbrass Old Collection

While mint green in the kitchen is generally retro, traditional, or midcentury, it can be modern when executed properly:

Kitchen by First Lamp
Kitchen by Sarah Phipps Design
Kitchen by Rob Kane – Kitchen Interiors Inc.
Kitchen by Urban Homes – Innovative Design for Kitchen & Bath

The coolness of mint will refresh the living room (both formal and informal), making it a great place to kick back and relax:

Living Room by Leslie Fine Interiors
Living Room by Scott Sanders LLC
Living Room by Silver Birch Design
Photo credit: Hoi Ning Wong
Living Room by Mark English Architects, AIA
Contemporary Pendant Lighting by Urban Outfitters
Even the dining room – elegant or beach-style – can get in on the fun:
Dining Room by Nancy Van Natta Associates
Dining Room by Stephen Alexander Homes & Neighborhoods
Dining Room by M. Austin Designer Floors and Fabric
Dining Room by Alexandra Rae Design
Wilshire 20-Light Chandelier

But the #1 place for mint green: the bedroom. It’s soothing and cool, inviting and restful but invigorating when you need it (in the morning!).

Bedroom by Eric Roseff Designs
Bedroom by Crosby Creations Drafting & Design Services, LLC
Bedroom by Greg Natale
Bedroom by Sykora Home Design
Bedroom by AS you see it!
Bedroom by Rethink Design Studio
Bedroom by Belmont Design Group

They don’t call it “minty fresh” for nothing! What do you think of this shade for spring?