Color of the Month: Decorating with Burgundy

Every season has its colors, despite the fashion industry’s attempts to promote pastels in the winter and jewel tones in the summer. As the days darken, the colors you wear typically darken in solidarity. In the winter we tend to lean towards deeper hues (with the exception of winter white) in our clothing and nail colors; darker shades make us feel warmer even as the air gets colder, and we can rock those colors in ways that would never fly during the hot summer months.

Naturally, these rules apply to our homes as well: for a cheery, summery feel, paint your walls a sunny or bright color; for a cozy vibe, opt for wintery colors for warmth. But be warned: while deep colors add a certain sophistication to a home, when not executed properly they can turn a home into a gloomy, Addams family-esque abode.

November’s Color of the Month is one of these colors: burgundy. Named for a red wine from Burgundy, a region in France, burgundy is a rich, saturated hue perfect for chic cosmopolitan dwellings. Worried about getting it right? These pictures will show you how.

Because of its depth and richness, burgundy is typically paired with dark neutral furnishings and used in formal settings such as dining rooms and living rooms:

But despite its reputation for being largely traditional, burgundy is surprisingly versatile. Balanced with cool neutrals and whites (especially as an accent rather than the primary color), burgundy can be stylishly modern and works in virtually every room. (One exception: kids’ spaces. Burgundy is, at heart, a grown-up color – unless your kid is a diehard Redskins fan, skip the burgundy in his room.)

Burgundy is perfect for living and dining rooms of every style:

And it’s also an excellent shade for warming up a bedroom.
It works in kitchens from country style to ultra-modern:
And can even find a place in a bathroom:
If you love burgundy but would prefer to keep your home lighter, consider putting it outside. It’s bold without being too bright, perfect for adding color to your exterior while keeping it classy.
How do you feel about winter colors? Which season does your home reflect?