Color Crush: Candy-Colored Home Decor

Color-lovers, this one’s for you! If you’re tired of the “clean whites,” grays, neutrals, monochromatic schemes and muted colors that are so popular today, this post will color your world. These homes are anything but boring and “safe” – featuring┬ácandy-colored home decor in varying degrees of saturation, they’re bright, cheerful, and oh-so-sweet.
Starbursts? Jolly Ranchers? Gummy bears? Skittles? Jelly beans? Whatever your sweet tooth desires, these homes offer it – without the cavities or extra pounds. And they’re not cheesy, CandyLand-themed over-the-top color blowouts; they’re classy, fun, and instantly mood-raising (without the inevitable post-sugar crash).
Go ahead – indulge in the candy-colored awesomeness!
Dining Room by LoisMoore/Periwinkles
Bathroom by Tobi Fairley Interior Design
Bedroom by DKOR Interiors Inc.
Living Room by High Fashion Home
Bathroom by Dick Clark + Associates
Dining Room by Thierry Bisch – Peintre animalier
Family Room by Laura Bendik Interiors
Home Office by RL Design
Bedroom by 2id Interiors
Dining Room by husnummertjugo
Bedroom by Garden Candy
Entry by Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc
What’s your all-time favorite candy?