11 Bathrooms Made Spectacular with a Feature Wall

Feature walls – AKA accent walls – are not yet passe, so don’t skip this one! One striking wall has the ability to transform a room from just-right to spectacular. And by feature wall, we mean real focal-point feature walls – not just a wall painted in a different color than the others.

Try to imagine these eleven bathrooms without the feature wall. They’d be nice, maybe even beautiful, but not at this level of jaw-dropping amazingness.

Check them out!

It’s impossible to define a single characteristic that makes a wall into a feature. Sometimes it’s the luxuriousness, elegance, and drama of the material, like these work-of-art solid-slab stone walls:

Bathroom by 186 Lighting Design Group – Gregg Mackell
Bathroom by Domb architects
Bathroom by Enclosures Architects

Sometimes it’s the subtle, touchable texture:

Bathroom by IndigoJungle Interior Styling
Bathroom by Quezada Architecture

Sometimes it’s the strategic use of materials:

Bathroom by Mark Brand Architecture
Bathroom by alsoCAN Architects

(That wall is stamped aluminum! Those homeowners had better make sure to waterproof that completely…)

And sometimes it’s just a well-executed pattern that takes the room from blah to bazinga!

Bathroom by Bondi Kitchens
Bathroom by Eileen Johnston Interiors
Bathroom by nasciturus design

(Plus, this bathroom proves that you don’t need a full-sized wall to make a statement!)

But the wall material isn’t always what makes it eye-catching; sometimes it’s the shape, like this dramatically curved masterpiece:

Bathroom by Increation

How awesome is that?

What’s the most memorable feature wall you’ve ever seen (in any room of the house)?