Deep Breath: Aromatherapy to Enhance the Home

Aromatherapy, to the uninitiated, may seem like a New-Agey concept: specific scents and essential oils to improve your life and your health. But it’s actually an ancient practice dating back thousands of years, to the Romans, ancient Greeks, and ancient Egyptians, who used herbs and oils for beauty and healing. (If you still see it as a modern invention, you’re partially right; it was practically obsolete in the beginning of the 20th century but was redeveloped less than 100 years ago.)

The basis of aromatherapy is introducing the benefits of particular essential oils into the air. Once inhaled, the molecules are said to be absorbed into the bloodstream, where they assist in improving bodily functions. The scents also balance one’sĀ emotional well-being, providing a calming, soothing effect.

(And if you don’t believe in alternative healing… at least it will make your home smell great!)

Introducing certain essential oils into specific rooms can enhance your overall home life and health. (If you have any health conditions, always consult your doctor before using essential oils in your home or on your body.)

  • For a restful night or tranquil relaxation time, try lavender, geranium, sandalwood, or ylang-ylang in the bedroom and living room
  • Get your adrenaline flowing with the invigorating, stimulating scents of eucalyptus or rosemary in your home office or gym
  • Chamomile can help your kids wind down at the end of the day; place it in their bedrooms or bathrooms
  • Use lemon or peppermint to neutralize odors in the kitchen (peppermint has the added benefit of repelling insects and vermin)

A great place for aromatherapy is the bathroom. Use specific oils to wake up in the morning or de-stress at night. Many bathroom fixtures – shower heads, steam showers, bathtubs, even towel warmers – are equipped with built-in aromatherapy systems to promote physical and mental wellness.

Steamist Digital Temperature Control with Aromatherapy Well

Introduce the scentĀ of your choice – Restore, Relax, Renew, Energize, Respiratory – directly into your steam shower for a complete spa experience.

Steamist Aromasense Canister

Or use your own preferred blend:

Ariel Platinum Steam Shower

Increase the relaxation factor of your soak with an aromatherapy-compatible tub:

MTI New Yorker 6 Air Tub

What’s better than a warm towel after a shower? A warm, scented towel, of course!

Warma Towel Series 300 Freestanding Towel Warmer

This shower system does it all: chromatherapy (with colored lights in 16 shades), aromatherapy (choose from “floral”, “relax”, and “energy” fragrances), and several spray patterns for a truly ultimate shower.

Aquabrass Cura Ultimate Rainhead System

What are your thoughts on aromatherapy?