Urban Edge: Graffiti as Home Decor

It’s a controversial topic with strong feelings on both sides, but it’s undeniable: street art is becoming acceptable home art. Graffiti and graffiti-inspired decor is gaining popularity, and it’s definitely bold, urban, and edgy. Some love the style, declaring that street art is a legitimate and beautiful genre. Others vehemently oppose it, protesting the acceptance of the illegal act of defacing public property. Still others maintain that street art belongs outside, on a large scale, for full effect.

Check out these rooms and products, and then tell us what side you’re on!

Real enthusiasts may dedicate an entire wall or room (or even the whole house) to graffiti, like this groovy girl’s room:

Photo credit: Shouldice Media
This modern media room:
Home Theater by applegatetran.com

This ultra-urban bedroom:

Bedroom by Hunter & Belle Interiors

This edgy powder room:

Powder Room by Gary Hutton Design

The bedroom in this industrial loft:

Bedroom by CityLoft

Or these graffiti-tiled bathrooms:

Bathroom by NZ Builders ltd
Bathroom by CASE Design/Remodeling Birmingham

Though most street art-adorned walls are found in family-friendly or eclectic spaces, like this playful basement…

Basement by Tamara Bickley Design

…many are opting for smaller doses of graffiti in the form of furniture, artwork, panels, contained areas, or subdued colors. It’s easier on the eye and often removable, so the commitment level is lower. It can even be tasteful in more formal spaces like dining and living rooms:

Hall by Process Design Build, L.L.C.
Living Room by Elizabeth Holmes Design
Dining Room by Space Planning Technologies Inc.
Hall by Tutmarc Architects
Photo credit: Josh Partee | Architectural Photographer
Aquabrass Graffiti Freestanding Bathtub
Home Office by chadbourne + doss architects

Or, for a subtler effect, try a scribble-inspired light fixture!

Photo credit: Joel Antunes photography

So what side of the graffiti argument are you on and why?


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