The Best Places for a Sheepskin Rug

With winter coming up (it’s sooner than you think!), it’s time to start thinking about cozy rug options. While a sheepskin rug may not be as trendy as cowhide, it gives the home a touch of luxury nonetheless – and at a lower price. The sheepskin in versatile; it can be used in virtually any room, looks great tossed onto furniture or layered with other rugs, and even comes in different colors.

Sheepskin rugs are most commonplace on living room and bedroom floors:

Photo credit: Lisa Petrole Photography
Family Room by Grainda Builders, Inc.
Bedroom by Johann Grobler Architects
Living Room by Clarum Homes
Living Room, via ApartmentTherapy
Living Room by Hold It Contemporary Home

But it works in more offbeat and unexpected places too, for extra softness and warmth.

Fling one on a chair, ottoman, or couch:

Living Room by s1 Kitchens & Interiors
Living Room by Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors
Dining Room, via
Bedroom by sagemodern

Put it on the bed rather than under or next to it. Mmm, toasty! Perfect for those long winter nights:

Bedroom by STUDIO GILD
Bedroom by Nicole Lanteri Design

The bathroom is admittedly not the best choice for a sheepskin bath mat, but for oh-so-cozy toes, lay it near the vanity:

Bathroom by The Boutique Real Estate Group
Bathroom by Wheaton Hushcha Design
Bathroom by Astleford Interiors, Inc.

Throw one in for a cuddly kids’ space:

Bedroom by Jennifer Bishop Design

Kids’ Room by Grace Blu Designs, Inc.

Nursery by Nicole Lanteri Design
You can even make it work in the kitchen (note: NOT advisable if you have small children)!
Kitchen by Purcell Timberframes Ltd.

Kitchen by Interior Design + Styling by Jordan Shields

Kitchen by Thom Filicia Inc.

Do you have a sheepskin? Where do you put it?


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