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The Decotec Aspen

Decotec has gained a global reputation, combining creativity and constant development with the latest trends and unsurpassed production.

Express your personality through the beautiful Aspen Collection!

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Remodeling Tips

Vanity Power: A focal point…The essence Of Good Design

Whether you have a cohesive room flow or not, keep in mind that finding a focal point is of the essence in creating a complete room. Incorporating a spotlight into a room helps create a better flow and cleaner lines in your design. Particularly, if you’re looking to sell your home, having properly designed rooms that will pull and focus the potential buyer can translate to big money.

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Product Analysis

Six Ornate Estate Style Vanities

Representing pure luxury for the master bath or powder room these antique style bathroom vanities are impressive in appearance and opulent in style. Each of these magnificent vanities will become the centerpiece of any bath.

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DuraVit Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

Celebrating almost 200 years of bathroom history Duravit has grown from a small earthenware factory into a global organization that produces bath and spa products for dream bathrooms.
Duravit creates some of the world’s most contemporary and attractive vanities. Modern designers love their products for their minimalist style and ultra functionality.

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