Fire Pit, Hot Tub, Or… Both?

Now that the weather’s finally veered into a summer-like state, it’s time to start planning long days outside. If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space and some funds, your yard (or deck) can become a summertime hotspot (and, when planned properly, can be used throughout the year too). You don’t need a huge pool or rolling grounds to create an outdoor oasis (though that does sound nice) – you can have a great yard even without loads of square footage.

How, you may ask? Good question. Try a small-scale outdoor feature like a fire pit or hot tub to transform your space.

So which one will it be? Fire pit?

(Can’t you just smell that smoky wonderfulness?)
Perhaps you’d prefer a hot tub. (It may also be the more attainable option in urban dwellings.)
Can’t decide? How about a bit of both? (More space, and more money, will likely be required to implement these.)
Admittedly, these are generally not low-budget designs. So here’s one more that’s the best of all worlds:
Eago Fire Hot Tub
Eago Fire Hot Tub

It’s a hot tub… with fire! Not only is it an incredible statement piece and conversation starter, it’s practical. The portable, lightweight, wood-burning tub is heated entirely by the built-in mini fire pit. Perfect for enjoying roasted marshmallows… without getting out of the tub.

Which would you rather? Hot tub, fire pit, or both (combined or separate)? Vote and then tell us about your choice in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Fire Pit, Hot Tub, Or… Both?”

  1. I already have a fire pit at my home. It is very useful during winter season.
    I also have a hot tub at my home. But since it has got some problem with its cover, I have not been using it for long time. Bot now I feel to use it. Need to buy a quality spa cover in the first place. I have planned to buy one from Buy Factory Spa Covers at Oakville.
    I like both fire pit and hot tub.

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