Color of the Month: Decorating with Leaf Green

Autumn is typically when leaves get their spotlight, and for a good reason – the explosion of vibrant color is dazzling. But springtime leaves are highly underrated, too! So this month, we’re giving leaf green some much-needed attention.

It’s a shade of green that’s fresh and refreshing, natural, and oh-so-springy.

Leaves come in so many different shades of green – from bright lime to deep forest and everything in between – that it’s hard to define a true leaf green. Here’s a sampling of leaf green rooms throughout the home to illustrate the full spectrum of leafy greenness.

Green is a popular choice in bedrooms, encouraging harmony with nature. Because leaf green is generally a brighter shade, don’t overdose on it or it may interfere with your sleep and winding-down time.

Bedroom by Michelle Workman Interiors
Bedroom by Sigmar
Bedroom by Burnham Design
Bedroom by Fine Design Interiors, Inc
Bedroom by 50 Degrees North Architects
Bedroom by KYZLINK
Green fosters creativity and productivity, making it perfect for a home office or study space:
Bedroom by
Home Office by UBER Interiors


Home Office by RADform
Home Office by Johnston Home LLC

Bring a bit of freshness and color into a restful living room:

Living Room by Hannah Brown


Living Room by Camilla Molders Design


Living Room by Stephanie Wohlner Design
Leaf green is refreshing in bathrooms:
Batrhoom by J.P. Lindstrom, Inc.
Linkasink Cloisonne Green Leaf Flat-Bottom Undermount Sink
Kraus Nature Vessel Bathroom Sink
Batrhoom by Rinaldi Interior Design
…especially with other outdoorsy colors like brown to give a tree-inspired natural vibe:
Bathroom by Wettling Architects
Bathroom by Priscilla Fenlin Interiors
Or go all-natural!
Bathroom by Janet Paik
It’s not a commonly found shade in kitchens, but it works well (especially in smaller doses):
Dining Room by Bryant Hill Media
Kitchen by Kristin Drohan Collection and Interior Design


Kitchen by Rebecca Naughtin Architect
Put it on the exterior to complement the landscape and brighten it in the drearier months:
Deck by Kropat Interior Design
Shed by Studio Shed

Tell us what Color you’d like to see next!