Saniflo Systems Are Now Even Better!

The introduction of the Saniflo system rocked the world of toilet installation. (Bet you didn’t know there was a “world of toilet installation.”) Suddenly, it became possible to install a toilet virtually anywhere – under a staircase, in a closet, in a basement – without extensive and expensive plumbing changes.

Saniflo bathroom understairs Saniflo Systems Are Now Even Better!

Saniflo upflush toilet systems operate on a macerator to pulverize and wash away waste. (Click here to see how Saniflo toilets work.) It’s incredibly economical, convenient, and “green” to boot! Could it get any better?

Guess what? It just did! One major gripe about the Saniflo system is the not-so-unobtrusive tank that must be installed.

saniflo with pump Saniflo Systems Are Now Even Better!


Now, Saniflo has introduced an extension pipe to be used with  Saniaccess3, Saniplus, Sanibest Pro and Sanitop systems. The 18″ sealed extension pipe makes installation easier and allows users to hide the tank and plumbing inside the wall.

saniflo extension pipe Saniflo Systems Are Now Even Better!Now you can have your Saniflo without an unattractive exposed pump!

Where would you install this system?

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