For Sale: Gianni Versace’s Miami Mansion

If you just happen to have at least $40 million hanging around, you have a chance to become the next owner of the famed Versace mansion in Miami Beach! The magnificent “home,” also known as Casa Casuarina, will be going up for auction on September 17th of this year (a little more than a month to go – should be enough time for you to get that cash together!).

Gianni Versace purchased the 23,000-square-foot estate in 1992 for the paltry sum of $2.9 million, added $33 million worth of renovations, and was famously murdered on its front steps five years later. In those five years, Gianni resided in the sumptuous mansion, hosting the rich and famous from all over the world (including Princess Diana, Madonna, and Sylvester Stallone). Two years after Versace’s death, the house was sold (for $19 million) to telecom mogul Peter Loftin, who converted it to a small boutique hotel.

Today, you can own the house too – all you need is $3 million in escrow and proof that you possess $40 million in order to bid (bidding starts at $25 million)! It’s a steal of a deal, considering the fact that the mansion was originally listed at $125 million, then reduced to $75 million. Oh, and you may be competing with David and Victoria Beckham, who are rumored to be considering the purchase.

Don’t have that kind of money? Slacker. Well, you’ll just have to be satisfied with a pictorial tour and some interesting facts about the Versace mansion!


Versace mansion exterior

overhead view

The estate from above

The oceanfront villa is the only private estate on Miami Beach’s bustling Ocean Drive.

It has ten intricately themed bedrooms:

moroccan room

Moroccan Room

wedgwood suite

Wedgwood Suite




South Beach Fl Master Bedroom Of The Versace Mansion In South Beach

Master bedroom

sitting room in bedroom

En-suite sitting room

safari suite
Safari Suite
la mer suite

La Mer Suite

italian suite

Italian Suite


Bedroom with sitting room

Eleven bathrooms, including a six-person shower and only one tub (Donatella preferred showers):

moroccan room shower

Moroccan Room shower

Travel Trip Versace Museum

Marble toilet

The marble toilet, installed by current owner Peter Loftin, cost approximately $10,000 and is reportedly one of only three in the world.

The famed pool is the subject of much discussion due to the fact that it is lined in 24-karat gold. What better way to spend you money?

pool large closeup

24-karat gold pool


Pool and lounge

The pool lounge features statues from a 16th-century French chateau as well as over 100 million Italian mosaic tiles; it was made in Italy, disassembled, shipped to the US, and put back together. Its design can also be found on a Versace scarf in the South Beach collection. The nearby rotunda floor supposedly contains a cryptic code.

pool lounge

Pool and lounge at night

poolside rotunda cryptic code

Rotunda floor detail

Aside from the “standard” rooms, the home also includes five libraries (Versace had a full-time librarian!), an observatory, and a gorgeous courtyard.

dining room

Dining room



observatory porthole ocean view

Ocean view through observatory porthole


Courtyard at night



courtyard fountain

Courtyard fountain

And, of course, it’s rich with detail and intricate artwork:

entry versace logo

Versace logo on an entryway planter

hand-painted walls

Hand-painted bedroom walls

What a house (if it can even be called that)! I loved looking at it but can’t imagine living in such ostentatious ornateness. I like my clean, modern lines.

Let’s dream here for a bit: if you were the lucky Powerball $400 million jackpot winner, would you splurge on this historical home? Would you leave it as it is or redecorate? Live in it or make it a tourist attraction?

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