Puzzle Decor Solves Your Design Dilemmas

Looking for that perfect combination of┬áplayfulness and maturity? It’s a difficult balance to strike; most homes end up primarily serious or eclectically fun. But what of the common folk who want their homes to be sophisticated yet relaxed?

It’s not a lost cause. Puzzle-inspired decor addresses the adult and child within every person, providing the playful vibe within a grown-up form. And luckily, it’s easily available in many forms – not just those designed for children’s spaces.

Puzzle furniture softens the edges of otherwise austere decor:

DVontz All Wood Puzzle Cut 2-Door Cabinet with Feet
Sonia Puzzle Vanity
Living Room by Tom Stringer Design Partners
Puzzle decor – small accessories or larger bookshelves or rugs – can be┬álively without being juvenile:
Arteriors Rascal Lamp
Dining Room by S.I.D. Ltd.

Living Room by S.I.D. Ltd.

Kids’ Space by Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design
Make a statement with large-scale puzzle motif on walls or floors:
Bedroom by Jen Chu Design

Bathroom by John Kraemer & Sons

Living Room by INTRAFORM

Kids’ Space by Pinnacle Architectural Studio

Tell us about your favorite craft, game, or pastime and how you incorporate it in your home!

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