Decorating with Driftwood

Summer’s moving in, and many of us are spending more time at the beach (or wishing we were there). If you’d love to incorporate some beachiness into your home decor but don’t want it to look like this:

110918panamacityfl Decorating with Driftwood


or overloaded with seashells, anchors, or sand-and-blue motifs, then consider driftwood accents.

Driftwood is an increasingly popular decorating tool thanks to its versatility. It works in small and large pieces and in every room. Check out these rooms and products to see how you can add some non-kitschy beach style to your home!

Let’s start with the kitchen. You can go bold with live-edge wood counters:

eclectic kitchen Decorating with Driftwood
rustic kitchen Decorating with Driftwood
Or subtle (and removable) with wall accents:
contemporary dining room Decorating with Driftwood
The same principle applies to dining areas. A dramatic table makes a statement:
contemporary dining room Decorating with Driftwood
But a great centerpiece can lend a similar atmosphere to the room, at a lower cost.
modern dining room Decorating with Driftwood
arteriors 5410 nantucket driftwood bowl 25 l x 25 w x 16 h 158323 Decorating with Driftwood

Arteriors Nantucket Driftwood Bowl

 Decorating with Driftwood

Arteriors Kazu Large Dragon Tree Root/Iron Sculpture

Moving into the living room, it’s easier to add large pieces without fear of commitment. Most driftwood accents for living rooms, regardless of size, are removable should you tire of them.

contemporary living room Decorating with Driftwood
midcentury living room Decorating with Driftwood
contemporary living room Decorating with Driftwood
arteriors 15408 394 bodega distressed white driftwood lamp 147872 Decorating with Driftwood

Arteriors Bodega Distressed White Driftwood Lamp

modern family room Decorating with Driftwood
Many homeowners go overboard when decorating a bathroom in a beach style and wind up with a tacky-looking room overloaded with shells and similar knickknacks. Driftwood is subtle enough to look beachy and beautiful without the tackiness.
arteriors 5407 bodega driftwood mirror 158324 Decorating with Driftwood

Arteriors Bodega Driftwood Mirror

tropical bathroom Decorating with Driftwood
Give your bedroom some beach Zen with a strategically placed pile of driftwood, or a bold driftwood headboard that will project your love of beaches to all who enter (even in a primarily lodge-style rustic bedroom).
contemporary bedroom Decorating with Driftwood
rustic bedroom Decorating with Driftwood
Do you plan on spending time at the beach this summer? What’s your favorite part of being on the shoreline?


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