Clever Kitchen Sinks

You already do double (and triple… and quadruple…) duty in the kitchen. Shouldn’t your sink?

For the occasional cook and the professional chef alike, the sink is arguably the kitchen’s most important feature. When you choose wisely, the right kitchen sink can make your everyday food preparation and cleanup smooth, easy, and even enjoyable.

Kitchen sinks are now available in a dizzying array of configurations to support every type of cook.

A basic sink may include a simple cutting board full or partial insert. This one shows that your decorative bar sink can also be used as additional counter space, an important consideration when deciding if you have enough space for another sink.

elkay mystic211435cb single bowl contoured undermount sink includes cutting board 16 1316 l x 23 316 w x 6 d 130343 Clever Kitchen Sinks

Elkay Mystic Single Bowl Contoured Undermount Sink

Some cutting boards do double duty as well by including colanders or other kitchen necessities. This one allows users to chop and rinse vegetables without using an inch of counter or sink space (or flooding the floor):

franke vnx12045 double bowl undermount kitchen sink 20 78 l x 45 716 w x 9 116 d 141243 Clever Kitchen Sinks

Franke Vision Double Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink

Another way to save counter and cabinet space: do away with your drain board.

elkay eluh2421 stainless steel undermount single bowl sink with ribbed area cutting board 20 12 l x 24 14 w x 6 d 145443 Clever Kitchen Sinks

Elkay Harmony Stainless Steel Undermount Single Bowl Sink with Ribbed Area and Cutting Board

whitehaus large quatro alcove reversible fireclay sink with integral drain board 20 l x 36 w x 10 d 104400 Clever Kitchen Sinks

Whitehaus Large Quatro Alcove Reversible Fireclay Sink With Integral Drain Board

elkay eluh4221l double bowl sink bowls to left of ribbed area includes cutting board 20 12 l x 41 12 w x 9 12 d 117768 Clever Kitchen Sinks

Elkay Harmony Double Bowl Sink

This smart sink is contoured with ledges to let cooks rest a grid at a more reachable height, effectively doubling sink capacity and preventing back strain (no need to bend over to reach the bottom of the sink when washing dishes):

franke rxx170 triple bowl undermount kitchen sink with integral ledge 20 716 l x 46 716 w x 9 116 d 218300 Clever Kitchen Sinks

Franke Regatta Triple Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink with Integral Ledge

Some sinks are real workhorses, designed for heavy culinary use. Sliding cutting boards, drain boards, strainers, tilt-out storage, and even knife holders turn a sink into a convenient and flexible cooking station.

franke mtx661 stainless steel drop in double bowl sink 20 716 l x 39 516 w x 7 916 d 162977 Clever Kitchen Sinks

Franke Mythos Stainless Steel Drop-In Double Bowl Sink

franke cwx161 d 17 34 l x 34 116 w x 9 d 141165 Clever Kitchen Sinks

Franke Culinary Work Station

julien 4091 single bowl worktop sink 26 l x 36 w x 10 d 220699 Clever Kitchen Sinks

Julien Classic Single Bowl Worktop Sink

houzer nvs 5200 undermount single bowl sink 236839 Clever Kitchen Sinks

Houzer Novus Undermount Single Bowl Sink

What would make your cooking and cleanup processes easier?

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