The Coolest Circular Kitchens A”round”

(Yes, that’s a terribly corny pun. No, we won’t apologize for it.)

Most kitchens are square or rectangular (think galley kitchens). You may associate triangles with the old “kitchen triangle” rule. But circular kitchens? Not quite as common, but ultra-cool! Circles have the power to give any room a calming Zen vibe, and it’s strikingly unexpected.

As long as your round kitchen isn’t too big, everything is equidistant from the center (take that, kitchen triangle!). A circular kitchen allows for unusual architectural details that would be difficult or awkward to implement in kitchens of other shapes, such as a bullseye-style island, a curved wall of windows, or a dramatic ceiling design (okay, not impossible in other shapes, but more eye-catching).

A well-designed circular kitchen has an enclosed, warm and homey feel, sometimes reminiscent of an outdoor kitchen. The curved lines make a design statement unlike any other shape. You may argue that cabinets and appliances are flat-surfaced, but with a skilled kitchen designer it doesn’t pose a problem. Check these out for proof!

Kitchen by Helliwell + Smith | Blue Sky Architecture
Kitchen by Studio Hillier
Kitchen by Susan Serra
Kitchen by Holmes Builders
Kitchen by Stadler Custom Homes
Kitchen by One of a Kind Design

Roundiness overload? Go semicircular balanced by straight, or incorporate a round table, island, or other large-scale feature.

Kitchen by Scrafano Architects
Kitchen by Rencraft Ltd
Kitchen by Jenkins Custom Homes
Kitchen by Brayer Design
Kitchen by Carney Logan Burke Architects
Kitchen by Mark English Architects, AIA
Kitchen by Castle Design
Dining Room by AMW Design Studio
Kitchen by Regina Sturrock Design Inc.
Kitchen by Studio 81 International
Kitchen by Mark Melonas LUKE WORKS

If you’d prefer to skip the structural changes, opt for round tiles, circle patterns, round windows, round sinks or light fixtures, or other interesting details and accessories.

Native Trails Mojito Bar/Prep Sink
Kitchen by John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods
Kitchen by Ventana Construction LLC
Kitchen by Morris & Woodhouse Interiors llc
Photo credit: Eric Piasecki, via
Kitchen by Mercury Mosaics and Tile
Range Hoods And Vents by Elica Americas

(Yes, that’s a range hood!)

Kitchen by Radifera Design Group, LLC
Kitchen by The Cross Interior Design

What do you think of circles? What’s your favorite structural shape?