Designing the Tall Person’s Home

Extra height is often coveted. Tall people can reach the top shelves without a step stool, see over crowds at concerts, and make a more formidable impression when necessary. But most average-sized people don’t understand the plight of the tall man (or woman). Aside from the comments about playing basketball and “the weather up there,” tall people have to endure homes that are primarily designed for the shorter folk.

There’s more bending, more back pain, and more bumped heads when you stand several inches above everyone else. So for all you tall people out there, we present tips on making your home more height-friendly for you.

In the bathroom

Stop bending to brush your teeth and wash your face! Hang a wall hung vanity at the height that you want it or go with an extra-tall vanity. (Standard vanity height is 32″.)

Fairmont Designs 145-V2418B/145-DB1818
Fairmont Designs Midtown Modular Vanity
Cole & Co. 11.24.275543.00
Cole & Co. Designer Series Kona Beach Vanity
Ronbow 018936
Ronbow Vanessa Wall Hung Vanity

Don’t sit on the toilet with your knees up your nose. A comfort-height toilet is approximately two inches taller than a standard toilet, making it easier and more comfortable to sit down and get up.

Icera C-2320
Icera One-Piece Elongated Comfort Height Toilet with Soft-Close Seat

Nothing ruins a great shower more than having to bend down to rinse yourself off. Use an adjustable shower arm to find the right height, preferably six inches higher than your height.

Danze 13″ S Shaped Extension Shower Arm With Flange
Danze D481170
Danze 13″ Curved Adjustable Shower Arm
Danze D461045
Danze 6″ Downpour Showerhead



In the kitchen

Though deep kitchen sinks are popular nowadays (and for good reason – they hold more dishes!), a too-deep sink means bending and arm strain for taller people. Make sure that you can comfortably reach the bottom of your sink; if it’s an undermount sink, add approximately another inch of depth from your countertop.

Franke PSX110309/PSX1103012
Franke Professional Series Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen faucet should also be high enough to ensure easy arm clearance. A high arc faucet is a good choice.

Danze D454557
Danze Opulence Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet
KWC 10.121.103 / 10.111.103
KWC Eve High-Arc Faucet

Raise your appliances whenever possible. If you have space for a wall oven, it will save your back.

Choose kitchen and dining tables, chairs, and stools in bar or counter height for easier access and more legroom.


Arteriors 2750
Arteriors Calvin Top Grain/Hide/Polished Nickel Barstool

Around the house

Low-hanging light fixtures are a no-no unless they’re over a table or other piece of furniture that is never moved. Always check the drop length before hanging a fixture to make sure that you won’t bump your head on it.

Whenever possible, opt for high ceilings and doorways. You shouldn’t have to duck to enter your own living room.
To a short or average person, these look comfortable:
Those blessed with extra inches are calculating how long it will take (and how embarrassing it will be) to heave themselves off of low, squashy beds and couches.
Choose raised or platform furniture so that your relaxing time will actually be relaxing.
Are you tall, short, or average? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  1. This post was excellent!! As a six foot tall young, female, new homeowner, I’m so ready to remodel the kitchen and bathrooms to accommodate my height. Seeing the dishwasher at a height I wouldn’t have to bend over to load is a huge inspiration! Thank you for this!

    1. Great! Glad we were able to inspire you, Jessica. Good luck with your new home – we’d love to see pictures when you’re done! If you need help finding taller vanities and other furnishings, feel free to contact our helpful and knowledgeable sales staff for assistance.

  2. I would like to know how big tables, tubs, sinks, beds, etc for the tall pro basketballers compared to us puny humans.

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