5 Reasons to Install a Hot Water Dispenser

The world we live in is instantaneous. With an instant hot water dispenser you can bring your coffee, tea, instant soup, and other hot foods and beverages up to speed with boiling water at the push of a button.

Insinkerator Contemporary Hot Water Dispenser


A hot water dispenser consists of an above-counter faucet attached to a tank (typically concealed in a lower cabinet). Hot water dispensers are most commonly installed over the kitchen sink (next to the regular faucet) but may be placed anywhere with access to pipes and space for the tank.Water is routed to the tank where it is heated and readied for dispensing. Most tanks feature customizable temperature control so that you can have your water at your preferred heat.

Insinkerator H-WAVE
Insinkerator Involve Hot Water Dispenser


Why should you install a hot water dispenser? Here are five reasons:

1. No more kettles to clean… 

Free up space on your stovetop and in your cabinets; forget about cleaning the build-up that’s practically impossible to reach at the bottom of a kettle. Hot water faucets are virtually maintenance-free.

Newport Brass 106
Newport Brass East Linear Hot and Cold Water Dispenser


2. …or waiting for water to boil.

Cut your breakfast rush in half; get your coffee fix quickly; warm up with hot tea or cocoa without delay; speed dinner prep with preheated water for soup or pasta; clean sticky messes more efficiently with instant hot water. Plus, you don’t have to ration out hot water or refill the kettle to satisfy a crowd- with an instant hot water faucet, you have all the hot water you need.

Insinkerator F-GN2200
Insinkerator Victorian Hot Water Dispenser


3. It looks great.

Your kettle will no longer clutter the counter or stove; you won’t have to worry about keeping the pot shiny for display. Find a faucet that complements your sink, faucet and hardware – with so many styles and finishes available, you’re sure to find the perfect one. It may even up the resale value of your home!

Whitehaus WHFH3-H66
Whitehaus Forever Hot Instant Hot Water Dispenser


4. It’s not just for hot water.

Love cold drinks too? Add chilled filtered water and bid adieu to heavy, costly water bottles. Many systems feature cold and/or filtered water in the same streamlined unit as the hot water. You can have a full-service drinks station at your very own kitchen sink.

Insinkerator F-HC2215
Insinkerator Country Hot and Cold Water Dispenser


Mountain Plumbing MT1501-NL
Mountain Plumbing Contemporary Hot & Cold Water Faucet


5. It’s safe.

A hot water dispenser keeps your kids – and your cabinets – safer than a kettle or urn. There’s no tipping risk and no steam (or accompanying annoying whistles) from an instant hot faucet.

Mountain Plumbing MT1100-NL
Mountain Plumbing The Little Gourmet® Instant Hot Water Dispenser


Do you have a hot water dispenser (or wish you did)? Tell us why you love it!