I’m Dreaming of a White… Kitchen

(Now, how many of you just sang that? Sorry, ’tis not the season just yet.)

I’ve decided that I’d like an all-white kitchen. Of course, this is in my dream fantasyland house that includes a full-time cleaning crew to ensure that my all-white kitchen remains in pristine, all-white condition. In the meantime, I’m just having fun checking out different ways to decorate a kitchen in white and found a whole lot of inspiration (some of which I may actually incorporate into my reality home!). Check out these gorgeous kitchens in various styles for your daily dose of beauty:

Sleek, modern, and/or minimalist:

I love the pendants and the glass cabinetry here. I think I’d also be afraid to touch anything, let alone cook in this kitchen…


Now this is just cool. I’m not quite sure where any of the cookery goes, but it looks incredible!


Simplistic beauty, with just the right amount of color:


Sophistication without too much starkness, this actually looks more family-friendly. Plus I’m wild about the gorgeous white marble:


Elegant, classic, and traditional:


This kitchen is my favorite of the lot. It has the light openness of a white kitchen as well as the coziness and warmth of a traditional kitchen thanks to exposed beams and hardwood floors.


Okay, so this one’s not all white. But it’s beautiful anyway, and it’s mostly white, so I’m including it.


Have a white kitchen without the hassle!


My biggest concerns about a white kitchen are the dirt that I’ll be obsessively cleaning and the coldness that can come with an all-white kitchen. Luckily, I’ve found ways to circumvent these issues without sacrificing the white look:


Add accents, appliances, cabinets, or window treatments in different colors to warm it up:
Via Vaso Peritos, a Quality Bath customer in CA
Via Vaso Peritos, a Quality Bath customer & designer in San Francisco, CA
Via House Beautiful
Via House Beautiful
Via Better Homes & Gardens
Via Better Homes & Gardens

Warm up the wall color, add plants, and let in lots of natural light:

Via Better Homes & Gardens
Via Better Homes & Gardens
Or (and this is a great idea if you have the aforementioned cleaning crew), move it outside!
Via SouthernLiving.com
Via SouthernLiving.com

Hope I’ve inspired you for today! If you have a white kitchen, please let me know if there’s hope for keeping it clean with small children in the house!