5 Ways to Keep Your Home Green: Part 1

Go Green in the Home and KitchenEveryone’s going green. Not only to save the planet, but to save money! And the first place to start is in your home. There are many simple, quick fixes to help you save energy, but here are five options that will require a bit of investment and work. These are effective ways to make your home more energy efficient, to help you save money on energy bills:

  1. Purchasing Appliances – When purchasing any new appliance for your home, be sure it is labeled “Energy Star.” You can check its annual energy consumption based on average use. This will help you find the most energy efficient appliance. If any of your appliances are over ten years old, you may actually save money in the long-run, by investing in a more energy-efficient appliance now.
  2. Re-Insulate your Home – A well-insulated home can save you 20-30% on your home energy bills. Some insulation can now be pumped into existing walls. Contact your local HVAC company to learn about these services.
  3. Update your Windows – Check your windows for cracks and gaps. Heat and AC can easily escape through small cracks in the window pane and frame. A new set of windows will add value to your home, and save on energy. If you can not afford new windows, caulk and insulate all frames with supplies from your local hardware store.
  4. Shade Your Home – Visit your local greenhouse, and purchase a tree to shade your home. This will cut down on summer cooling bills, but also block cold winds during the winter.
  5. Paint Your Home – Color can retain or reflect heat. So, if you life in a cold climate, consider painting your home a dark color to retain sunlight. If you life in a hot climate, consider painting the house in a light color to reflect the hot sun.

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