Non-Tacky Halloween Decorating for the Elegant Home

Animatronic witches, severed heads, cheapo bloody hands, plastic cobwebs… not your thing? We’re with you on that one! Tacky Halloween decorations abound, but elegant Halloween decor is harder to find (and to pull off). Don’t worry – there are loads of ways to decorate for Halloween without resorting to plastic vampires and giant tarantulas.

Turn your home into a spooky, eerie, gothic – but still utterly glamorousĀ – display of good taste this Halloween. Here’s how!

Hair-raising lighting

There’s nothing like flickering light – especially candlelight – to give your home that subtle haunted-house vibe.

Recycled Glass Pumpkin Candle Cloches
Skeleton Hand Votive Holder

(This one makes “candle holder” more literal than ever!)

Lace-Wrapped Votives

Just wrap a votive holder with black lace from your nearest craft or fabric store. It looks like something Morticia Addams would use to decorate her home!

Jasper Skull Candle

Pumpkins with a twist

Don’t reject traditional decor; modernize it. These pumpkins are pretty simple to DIY and don’t veer too far from typical Halloween decorations:

Image result for black and white painted pumpkins

Image result for small pumpkin carving ideas

(All you need is a pumpkin, a drill, a candle, and some imagination!)

Matte black paint gives pumpkins an extra dose of creepiness:

Image result for halloween bathroom decor

Black lace on a white pumpkin is one of those cool B&W Halloween ideas everybody could nail.

White pumpkin + black lace = super simple… and spooky!

Black & white

This classic color combo is perfectly sinister. Add silver or gold for a bit of sparkle:

ideas for elegant black and white halloween

Black and White Candy

ideas for elegant black and white halloween

Spraypainted Twig Wreath

(Just buy a traditional twig wreath and spray paint it black. Instantly sinister door decor.)

contemporary halloween wreath

Black & orange made classy

Yes, you can still use your favorite Halloween colors and create an elegant display.

Trick or Treat Blocks via
Halloween mantle via
Via Better Homes & Gardens


Inject this unexpected vampy color for a gothic twist on the rest of your decor:

Via Anna and Blue Paperie

Awesome finishes, fabrics, and ideas

Incorporate some (or all) of these add-ons for a frightful finish in any room:

  • black gauze
  • crows (their presence is rather ominous; there’s a reason a group of them is calledĀ “a murder of crows”)
  • tarnished metals
  • dripping candles (real is better, but artificial can be sufficient)
  • ornate mirrors and picture frames with creepy photos

Image result for halloween picture frames

Happy Halloween to all you sophisticated spooksters. Be sure to check out our #HalloweenSale for scary savings!