Can You Spot the Hidden Door?

There’s nothing like a bit of mystery to make your home exciting. You don’t need to go all-out wacky-house; hidden rooms and staircases may be cool, but you don’t need to start with large-scale renovations. You can achieve that element of surprise and thrill with a simple hidden door.

It’s easier than you’d expect. There are several ways to conceal your door and make you feel like you’re in some kind of spy movie every time you go to the bathroom (especially if you have company). Also known as seamless, invisible, or blended doors, hidden doors can be installed via a variety of clever decorating methods.

The most popular due to its effectiveness is paneling. Cover the door and the walls in the same paneling for a seamless effect:

Living Room by Huestis Tucker Architects, LLC
Space by LASC Studio
Entry by Birdseye Design
Entry by Meredith Rebolledo Interior Design
Deck by Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture
Exterior by Daniel Marshall Architect
Hall by John Lum Architecture
If paneling’s not your thing, paint the door the same shade as the walls and be sure to match the trim:
Bedroom by Sophie Azouaou
Dining Room by Abramson Teiger Architects
Powder Room by Alidad Ltd & Studio Alidad
Hall by SJ Renovations
Bedroom by Space Design Miami
Photo credit: Brandon Schuster Photography

Cover the door with wallpaper – the busier the better for – and keep the hardware to a minimum for a mind-blowing hidden door:

Entry by Amy Jesaitis
Hall by Zinc Art + Interiors
Bedroom by ITALdoors
Closet by Bashford Design
Bathroom by Robin Pelissier Interior Design & Robin’s Nest

Take doors up to the ceiling for an invisible entrance:

Closet by DAYORIS Doors / Panels
Closet by Sonnemann Toon Architects
Kitchen by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects
Home Theater by Lotus woodworks
Dining Room by Abode Architects Llp

Or even outfit the door (surrounding walls optional) with shelving for a super-cool hidden room!

Family Room by AJS Designs
Hall by Gast Architects
Kitchen by Agencie Group LLC

Have a door or room you’d prefer to keep under wraps? Which of these hidden door decorating strategies would you try?