Ahoy, Mateys! Arr Favorite Pirate-Themed Rooms

Avast, landlubbers, ’tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Ye’ve come t’ the right place for ye buccaneers to get yer houses shipshape¬†fer yer pirate hearties. Run up the Jolly Roger, grab the grog and a bottle of rum, get all hands on deck, ye scurvy dogs…and see me ten favorite piratey homes. There be treasure chests, ships, ‘n bridges.

pirate room
Bedroom by Polhemus Savery DaSilva
nautical bedroom
Bedroom by Trade Mart Interiors
pirate room
Bedroom by Just Joh
pirate room
Playroom by Rusty Nail Design, Inc.
ship kitchen island
Kitchen by Ashgrove Kitchens
pirate room
Kids’ Room by Kuhl Design Build LLC
bridge pool
Pool by Distinguished Pools
treasure chest vanity
Powder Room by DH Interiors, LLC
ship chandelier
Kitchen by Windo VanGo
kids room
Kids’ Room by Celebration Homes
Don’t like ’em? Ye c’n walk the plank, ye scallywag. Yo ho ho!